About Brittany

Brittany Gill is a transformational business coach. She helps ambitious women with big visions transition from their 9-5 day jobs to build soulful businesses that allow them to work less, make more money, and live on purpose by making an impact in the world. She has been in the wellness industry for going on 5 years, where she spent a portion of that building a network marketing business at a leadership rank where she coached a team of 20 women to build their own businesses. She has been published in magazines, blogs, and soon-to-be books, and featured on radio stations and podcasts. She has facilitated over 100 transformational workshops, talks, ceremonies and retreats and been in partnership to bring large-scale festivals and conferences to life!

From a very young age, Brittany knew she was meant for something big. She would often say, “One day, I don’t want to work for the man. I want to be the man.” Over her entrepreneurial journey she has been a leader in her community and inspired other women of all ages to take hold of their dreams and go after what they want!

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