Small Strokes

Your journey of self healing & creative expression to support you in becoming your

Fully Expressed Self

The 21-Day

Creatrix Activation

A creatrix is a feminine archetype who is deeply connected to oneself & their own unique creative power.

A creator.
A birth portal for ideas.
A divine embodiment of expression.
A brave, bold leader.
A courageous cultivator of magic.

This journey is designed to help you embody your inner creatrix!


Here are the juicy details:

This 21-day journey starts on October 16th, the new moon
Monday through Friday you receive a

guided teaching to activate your inner creatrix

Over the 4 weeks, you will be guided through four elemental initiations

Week One ~ Fire - Alchemy

I transform

Week Two ~ Water - Flow

I surrender

Week Three ~ Earth - Embodiment

I embody

Week Four ~ Air - Divinity

I am

Here is what you are going to receive

  • 21-days of activation practices

  • Weekly inspired action prompts

  • Weekly expert guest teachers

  • Two in-depth activation ceremonies

  • Integrative practices & tools to uplevel yourself

  • An inspired flow of creative energy

  • An inclusive community of individuals cheering you on

  • Your own playlist of songs to take you through the journey

  • PLUS an epic members-only grand giveaway

The Goal

Learn how to transmute & release pain


Embody your sensuality & creativity through dance, pleasure, play & expression

Fine tune your frequency & live in alignment with your true heart's desire

Learn how to make intuitive decisions based on what your soul speaks to you

Actualize your vision & get clear guidance on your next steps

Differentiate between your soul's voice & your ego's voice

Basically, become the magical AF unicorn & creatrix you were born to be

The 21-Day Creatix Activation is ONLY $33

Are you ready to activate?

(Ps. You get lifetime access to allllllll the content, so it's a no-brainer decision)

Q & A

When is it?
We begin on the new moon, October 16th  and end on November 13th

Monday-Friday at 10am PST you'll receive the day's video.

What is my time commitment?
Your commitment is totally up to you! Essentially each day's video + prompt will be around 15-20 minutes, and you get creative freedom around how you want to move through it!

Who is this for?
All genders. Colours. Sizes. Shapes. Flavours. This is an inclusive container. 

What do I need?
Yourself, your body, a notebook and pen. We're keepin' it simple.

What if I miss a day?

No worries, everything is recorded, and you have lifetime access to everything!

Where does everything happen?

All the videos are live & saved for you in your own private Facebook group.

Hey beauty

A littel bit more about me, your guide. My name is Brittany! I travel full time, living my dream life, in my converted GMC Savana van named Luna.

I am a highly intuitive woman, who loves to dance, sing, skinny dip, and cuddle cute animals.

One day, I decided I was going to live a beautiful life, and I was going to do it the way I wanted too.

So, I jumped into the unknown, sold all my belongings, let go of almost everything familiar, cut off all my hair, left my long-term relationship and started living on my terms!

Now, I'm here, with a commitment to support other humans in becoming their own fully expressed selves!

Xo, Brittany

Claim your spot in the 21-Days NOW

Are you ready?

Still have questions? Send me an email at

Tel: 250-574-3451

Photos by Ashly Narula Photography

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