The Intuitive Business Mentorship

Hey goddess, I am on a mission to empower emerging women entrepreneurs, like you, to own their gifts, shine their light & make an impact in the world.


Aka getting paid to do what you love & heal the world!

Sounds amazing, right ?!

This one-to-one mentorship is for you if...

You've got a calling deep inside you to make a
difference in the world

✨ You're ready to become a magnet for the most amazing opportunities, experiences, & money

✨ You have big ideas & you're fully committed to alchemizing them & bring them to life

✨ You've got a BIG heart & an even bigger vision

Core Values to Sacred Success

Soul Alignment


No more wasting time, goddess, it's time to answer your soul's call and create & take action from complete alignment. Together, we get you absolute clarity on your mission.

Ditch the hustle & become a magnet for your dream clients, dream life &

m-m-m-money! Easily attract what you desire into your life


Learn the exact inspired actions you need to take to build a successful business. I lead you through proven systems & mindset shifts to build your 6 &7 figure business

No woman should ever feel burnt out, especially doing work she loves. In this 1-1 mentorship we are going to bring your full self out, so you can live fully authentic & on purpose daily


Intuitive Strategy


It's your time to SHINE as a business goddess!

Want to explore if this 1:1 intuitive business coaching is the right fit for you?

Alaysha Linden, CEO of Linden & Co

working with Brittany my mindset about my business and money have totally shifted. I’ve signed multiple clients and I feel so much more aligned and clear on my goals and direction.

Ashley Robb,

Intuitive Energy Healer

Brittany has a way of creating space at the perfect time to dive deep within ourselves and expression!

Stephanie Major,

Creative in pursuit of her purpose

Brittany has an amazing talent to bring out your deepest wishes and shows you how easily it can be achieved. She helps you to define your plan and realize your goals

What women are saying

Hey beauty

My name is Brittany Gill, I help women launch their businesses the feminine way! We take business, sales & money makin' and flow it into an intuitive, sustainable approach that honours your unique cycles. I specialize in monetizing your spiritual & intuitive gifts. Together we rise & SHINE in the world.

I've come from a place of constant hustle, putting out tons of offers and getting crickets in return. Making waaaay less than I was worth. I was burnt out, resentful and lonely. I want to make sure you avoid all the struggle & jump right into abundance

Are you with me, sister?

There is no more time to wait, it's time for you to shine brighter than you ever have before.

Xo, Brittany

Let's see if it's this 1:1 intuitive business mentorship is the right fit for you

Tel: 250-574-3451

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